Cleaning Supplies Becoming More Sustainable

In some cases, cleaning supplies will be smaller in size than they were in the past. Or back in the day. Take this for instance. Instead of the tedious and laborious exercise of using scaffolding and/or rope-pulled lifts, all quite awkward, if not dangerous to utilize, they are sending up the abseilers. These are the athletic and agile young men and women who are literally sliding up and down the buildings cleaning all of its windows.

Undoubtedly, this work is still dangerous, but these chaps know what they are doing. And when did you ever hear of an accident ever happening in the first place? These are the kind of guys and girls that are part of that growing crowd that not only is highly aware of the need to become more sustainable and environmentally-friendly, but are actually doing something about it. As they say, actions speak louder than words.

custodial supplies

Spare a thought for the poor folks who, back in the day, were spending whole days scouring the cities’ foul-smelling landfills, looking for the odd bits and pieces that you folks tossed out into the dumpsters. So much for cleaning up. Hardly, really. It turns out that these folks, doing dangerous work no less, have inspired the award-winning recycling and re-use initiatives that have realized the creation of the next batch of sustainable and environmentally-friendly custodial supplies which even you can use in your own home.

Not just clean-friendly custodial supplies, but green-friendly clothes to wear. Funky, cool and casual looking clothes that never need to wear out and only need to be washed out to dry with environmentally friendly detergents. Same goes for your custodial supplies. Clean and friendly and free of harmful chemicals and toxins. Best way to clean the environment.